FCP partners with Bridging the Dragon

4 October 2017

Film Commission Poland has established cooperation with Bridging the Dragon, an association connecting European and Chinese film industries.

Bridging the Dragon (est. 2014) is an association connecting European and Chinese film professionals. It organizes events and seminars at major international film festivals, provides networking opportunities, and offers consultancy on producing films between Europe and China to its members.

Bridging the Dragon has the headquarters in Berlin and Beijing and gathers 77 official members from over 14 countries including: France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Finland, the UK, Greece, Hungary, and China.

The main goals of the association are: to help coordinate actions towards China; to create a network and a community of Sino-European professionals; to spread awareness and knowledge about the two film environments; and to support the development of suitable content for co-productions

Bridging the Dragon is the official partner of the Marché du Film of the Festival de Cannes and of the European Film Market for their China-related events and has collaborated with festivals such as Locarno, Venice, Rome, Shanghai, Xi'an Silk Road, and Xining FIRST.

The potential and the development rate of the Chinese film industry attracts the attention of producers from all over the world. Currently the Chinese market has the second highest value globally, and it is likely to soon overtake the USA.

‘Poland has a lot to offer to potential partners from China. Polish locations are, from the Chinese point of view, quite exotic; we also have professional crews and talented filmmakers, including animators and postproduction experts,’ says Anna E. Dziedzic, who coordinates projects linked to the Chinese market at Film Commission Poland. ‘At the same time we are aware that due to cultural differences and diverse business models, China is a difficult market for Europeans. Given this, the Bridging the Dragon initiative, an intercontinental networking platform, seems particularly valuable and helpful.’

Polish producers and service providers interested in collaboration with China, should contact FCP at: dziedzic@filmcommissionpoland.pl

Visit Bridging the Dragon website.