Film Commission Poland included in the PFI structures

18 December 2018

Film Commission Poland will now operate within the structures of the Polish Film Institute. The Commission's tasks include the promotion of financial incentives for audiovisual productions, the operator of which will be the PFI.

Film Commission Poland has been operating since 2012. The national film commission was established on the initiative of regional film commissions and funds as well as industry organizations such as the Polish Film Institute, the Polish Producers Alliance and the Polish Filmmakers Association. The main task of FCP is to promote Polish locations and the film industry on the international market. The Commission serves as the first point of contact for filmmakers interested in production in Poland, is active at international film markets and closely cooperates with a network of regional film commissions. FCP issues such publications as Polish Film Magazine or Production & Location Guide, which bring the Polish audiovisual market closer to foreign recipients and the possibilities of cooperation with the Polish film industry. Film Commission Poland is also an active member of international industry associations - European Film Commissions Network, Association Film Commissioners International and Location Managers Gulid International.

For several years, the commission functioned in the structures of the Polish Audiovisual Center Foundation, and since the autumn this year, the FCP operator is the Polish Film Institute. The change was dictated primarily by the preparations for the introduction in Poland of financial incentives for audiovisual production, which will be managed by the Institute.

- The new act imposes new obligations on the PFI in the promotion of the Polish film industry, and at the same time incentives are currently the strongest promotional tool used in the world by film commissions. The solution adopted is parallel to systems in other European countries, such as the Czech Republic, the Netherlands or Greece, where national commissions function in the structures of the main institutions financing film production in the country - declares Radosław Śmigulski, director of the Polish Film Institute.
The location of FCP within the Institute's structures also allows close cooperation with the International Cooperation Department and conducting complementary activities.

- The first activity in the promotion of incentives for audiovisual production in Poland is already behind us - says Anna E. Dziedzic, who manages the activities of the Commission within the PFI. - We presented the assumptions of the incentive system at the American Film Market in Los Angeles, at the Baltic Event in Tallinn and at the FOCUS in London, and everywhere we received great interest from producers. The next stop on our promotional tour is Berlin.

The Act introducing incentives for audiovisual production in Poland was passed by the Parliament on November 9, and signed by the President on December 12 this year. The Act will come into force after one month from the date of its publication in the Journal of Laws. The regulations issued by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage will supplement statutory regulations.




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