French "La Promesse de l'Aube" with Polish Cast

19 December 2017

French film "La Promesse de l'Aube" ("Promise at Dawn"), directed by Éric Barbier, enters cinemas on the 20th of December. Polish actors participated in the production.

The film script was based on an autobiographical novel by Romain Gary, a writer born in Vilnius, who in the 1920s lived with his mother Nina Kacew in Warsaw. She is portrayed by Charlotte Gainsbourg ("Nymphomaniac", "Antichrist", "True Crimes"), who played her role in Polish, to which she was prepared by Polish actress Izabela Gwizdak ("Ki", TV series "39 i pół").

Appearing in the French production are also: Paweł Puchalski as young Romain and Katarzyna Skarżanka ("Amok", TV series "Plebania") as Aniela, his nanny and a friend of Nina. In walk-on parts we’ll also see, among others, Marta Klubowicz and Piotr Cyrwus. Piotr Bartuszek ("United States of Love", "Marie Curie", "Wild Roses") was responsible for the Polish casting.

The producers are: Éric Jehelmann and Philippe Rousselet (Jerico), and Jérôme Seydoux (Pathé).

Watch the trailer here: