Polish Film Magazine 1/2017 is out!

9 February 2017

Here's the fourth issue of the Polish Film Magazine prepared by Film Commission Poland. Pick up a paper copy at Berlinale or read it online.

The magazine contains information on the latest Polish films - the finished ones, the ones in production and in pre-production; interviews with Polish filmmakers and foreign artists working in Poland; overview of Polish locations and guide to the Polish film market, which consists of information such as funding opportunities, events for professionals held in Poland and the box office. 

In this issue: 

  • Jarosław Sellin, a Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage talks about planned film incentives in Poland;
  • Agnieszka Holland talks about shooting "Spoor" (Berlinale 2017 Competition) in the Sudeten Mountains, cutting out her star Agnieszka Mandat, and how suddenly the film became more political;
  • Polish films and talents at Berlinale 2017;
  • Agnieszka Dziedzic, a producer from Koi Studio prepared to do anything for a film;
  • Jolanta Dylewska – a major talent in the male-dominated world of cinematography;
  • Rachel Weisz, one angry woman on the location in Poland;
  • Caspar from Human Ark, a brisk little boy guaranteed to steal your heart;
  • Krakow Film Cluster - 300 companies and individuals working together to make filming in Malopolska smooth;
  • Polish sideways - foggy, swampy and hollow landscapes can easily inspire a film;
  • and last, but not least - our guest authors Michael Pattison dwells on the growing pains in Polish films and Michał Oleszczyk takes a look at notable Polish films that were shot abroad. 

This issue of the magazine has been prepared for the Berlin Film Festival and is available in paper and electronic versions. The magazine is supported by the Polish Film Institute and regional film commissions.

You can read the electronic version: HERE.