Polish location managers nominated for LMGI Awards

28 July 2019

Michał Śliwkiewicz and his assistant Bartosz Bednarz who were responsible for choosing and managing locations for “Cold War” by Paweł Pawlikowski are nominated for Location Managers Guild International Awards.

The LMGI AWARDS are an internationally recognized celebration of the outstanding contributions of location professionals in feature films, television and commercial advertising. The Awards spotlight the craft, honoring productions in which the creative use of filming locations set the tone, enrich the character and inspire the storytelling narrative.  

Śliwkiewicz and Bednarz have received a nomination for their contribution into „Cold War” which was shot in three different countries and in 34 locations. Out of 59 shooting days, 58 were filmed on the locations, including 51 in Poland. The story starts in rural Poland, just four years after WW2 had ended, among muddy fields and ruined manor houses, and takes characters into a journey across Europe through Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Yugoslavia. Therefore, location managers Michal Śliwkiewicz and Bartosz Bednarz had to find a great variety of locations to let the crew re-create atmosphere and feel of the past times and different countries. It was particularly challenging in the case of old buildings which state demanded special tests and precautions. An additional challenge was also the passage of time and changes in the weather in the film, due to which the shooting started in winter, at -27 degrees Celsius, and ended with scenes realized in the attic at + 35 degrees. Most of the shooting has been done in Poland, in seven different regions and the production benefited from four regional film funds – Mazovia Warsaw, Podkarpackie, Lodz and Silesia. Polish locations stand-in for other countries – Berlin scenes were shot in Wrocław, while Parisian café was located in Łódź.

In the Outstanding Locations in A Period Film category, "Cold War" competes with "The Favourite", "Roma", "The Highwaymen" and "BlacKkKlansman".

The candidacy of Śliwkiewicz and Bednarz for the awards was submitted by Film Commission Poland, an LMGI member.

The complete list of the nominees is to be found on LMGI website and the Award Ceremony will take place on 21st September in Los Angeles. 



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