Polish Post-production of "Atomic Blonde"

27 July 2017

On Friday, July 28th, "Atomic Blonde," a thriller starring Charlize Theron, will be released in cinemas in the USA and Poland. Polish studio Chimney Poland participated in the post-production process.

"Atomic Blonde," directed by David Leitch ("John Wick"), is an action spy film set in Berlin during the Cold War. Charlize Theron ("Mad Max: Fury Road," "Monster") plays a secret MI6 agent trying to uncover the truth behind a mysterious murder. She will be accompanied on screen by, among others, James McAvoy (the "X-Men" series, "The Last King of Scotland") and John Goodman ("Big Lebowski," "Argo").

Chimney Group managed the entire post-production with studios from other countries participating in the process. The main tasks of the Warsaw studio were conforming and mastering of the material, creating a large part of the special effects and preparing the final cinematic version.

The post-production process in Chimney studio was supervised by Marcin Drabiński. The compositing project in Poland was run by Tomasz Tejchman, Miron Błocki and Wojciech Świątkiewicz. Poles also worked in other branches of Chimney group collaborating on the project. The works on special effects took about two months. A large part of the post-production was DI, which has been Chimney’s area of expertise for a long time.

‘It is a truly global production,’ says Ireneusz Dąbrowski, head of the DI department at Chimney Poland. ‘The material was constantly flowing from Los Angeles to Warsaw and then to Stockholm.’

‘For us a big challenge was working round-the-clock because of the considerable time differences between Poland and the USA,’ adds Kuba Sokołowski, DI supervisor, who coordinated the project. 

"Atomic Blonde" was not the first big international project for Chimney Poland, who so far co-created among others "The Happiest Day in the Lide of Olli Maki dir. Juho Kuosmane, „Teoria wszystkiego” dir. Terry Gilliam, "Anon" dir. Andrew Niccol, "Sugar Man" dir. Malik Bendjelloul.

‘We intend to keep participating in big American productions. This year we have already completed another such project, but we can’t reveal any details yet. Establishing a new office in Los Angeles, with which we closely work, definitely helps us in collaboration with the US,’ says Zuzanna Hencz, CFO and Head of Art & Entertainment at Chimney Poland.