Łodź, Hotel Double Tree by Hilton
Łodź, Hotel Double Tree by Hilton

Poland’s hotel infrastructure consists of more than 2 300 facilities of various categories. They include hotels belonging to some of the global hospitality sector giants, such as Accor, Hilton and Radisson Blu, as well as smaller-scale and more intimate Polish hotels ranging from two- to five-star.

The most extensive selection of accommodation is found in the larger cities and the regions with a lively tourist industry. There is also a wide choice of standards and types, ranging from luxury boutique hotels and wellness and spa centres, via apartments and privately-run pensions and rooms, to motels, hostels and mountain shelters.


There is mobile phone network coverage over almost the entire country. The telecommunication services market is divided between four main operators offering 3G provision and, in the larger cities, 4G. They all offer prepaid options, the most convenient for people whose stay in the country will be short-term.

The GSM 900 and GSM 1800 standards apply in Poland: Orange, T-Mobile, Plus, Play.


Internet access is universal in Poland. Hotspots operate in public places in the large cities. Free Internet access is also available in the majority of hotels, clubs and restaurants.

Delivery Services

Łeba, Neptun Hotel
Łeba, Neptun Hotel

The Polish Post Office (Poczta Polska) runs the national postal service. It offers a range of services; however, the most important are the handling of letters, parcels and money orders. The InPost company also provides a full range of mail services.

Courier services in Poland are available not only from internationally renowned companies such as UPS, DHL and TNT, but also by way of the competitive offers of numerous local companies, the largest of which are K-Ex and Siódemka. Another alternative is sending letters and parcels via train conductors, a service offered by Poland’s railways. In the larger cities, bicycle courier services are also popular.


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