Krakow Film Commission

Wygrana 2
31-311 Krakow

tel.: +48 12 354 25 53

Dariusz Nosal

Head of Krakow Film Commission

mobile: +48 508 120 413

About Film Commission

The Krakow Film Commission, operating within the Krakow Festival Office, offers producers support and assistance in the area of film production in Krakow and Małopolska. The Commission operates the Krakow Regional Film Fund that aims at financially supporting film productions carried out in the Małopolska region and thereby to contribute to tourist and economic promotion of the region as well as to building its positive image. The Krakow Film Commission facilitates film production (feature, documentaries, ads), among others by helping to obtain permits to locations, making cooperation with municipal and policing services easier, and providing an extensive base of locations and specialised companies in the region. Also the Krakow city itself and Małopolska region offer a wide variety of locations including some of the most beautiful and unique in Poland. Each year those picturesque sites, the Krakow Regional Film Fund as well as professional production and postproduction service base attract more and more filmmakers.

Some of the feature projects, supported by Krakow Film Commission, which have been awarded in 2013 include: Manhunt – Hollywood Eagle Award and four Eagles (Polish Film Awards considered to be the most important awards in the national film industry), Lasting - Best Cinematography in the World Dramatic Cinema Competition at the Sundance Festival, In the Shadow - 9 Czech Lions Film Award. Other projects supported by Krakow Film Commission in 2013 are: The Mighty Angel, The Red Spider, Pani z przedszkola, Lust Murderer, A View of Krakow.

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