Łódź Film Commission

ul. Targowa 1/3
90-022 Łódź

tel.: +48 42 600 61 33
email: lfc@ec1lodz.pl
         www: lodzfilmcommission.com

Monika Głowacka

mobile: +48 605 054 235
email: m.glowacka@ec1lodz.pl

Wenancjusz Szuster

mobile: +48 798 320 207
email: w.szuster@ec1lodz.pl

About Film Commission

Łódź Film Commission was established in 2009 as the first such unit in Poland. It is a follow-up to founded two years earlier Łódź Film Fund and yet another step in the implementation of the film production policy of Łódź. It is created by a well-coordinated, engaged in their work team of cinema lovers.

Łódź Film Commission provides a comprehensive and professional assistance to film producers, whether of feature, documentary or animated films, as well as to producers of television programs, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, computer games and all other forms of audiovisual production. Each project receives full support and a dedicated employee who acts as a kind of "liaison officer" between a producer and the city. Łódź Film Commission is also the operator of the Łódź Film Fund, where producers can receive funding for a feature, documentary or animated film.

The tasks of the Łódź Film Commission are also: building production support, such as Łódź Film Commission discount card, price reductions for occupation of the road or access to database of shooting locations and film industry professionals, providing information on all resources essential to efficient and trouble-free implementation of a project. In addition, Łódź Film Commission is actively involved in the promotion of Poland as an attractive destination for international film productions by promoting the potential and openness of Łódź and the region to the film production.

Łódź Film Commission is a member of the International Association of Film Commissioners (AFCI), Cine-Regio and regional film funds section of the Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce (KIPA) and cooperates with Film Commission Poland.

Since 2017 Łódź – City of Film is a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

A video promoting film location in Lodz region:

"Ida" dir. Paweł Pawlikowski - making of

LFC_Ida_finalle napisy ENG (1) from Weno Szuster on Vimeo.


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