Podkarpackie Film Commission

Okrzei 7
35-002 Rzeszów

tel.: +48 721 288 004
email: m.kraus@podkarpackiefilm.pl
         www: podkarpackiefilmcommission.pl

Marta Kraus

Film commissioner

mobile: +48 721 288 004
email: m.kraus@podkarpackiefilm.pl

Karolina Woźniak

Film production specialist

mobile: +48 721 288 014
email: k.wozniak@podkarpackiefilm.pl

About Film Commission

The Podkarpackie Film Commission was created for those who want to profit from the film potential of Podkarpackie Region. The commission supports film productions and facilitates filmmaking at all stages: from the permits you need, the locations you choose, the specialists you hire to the companies you work with. The Podkarpackie Film Commission operates under the supervision of Wojewodzki Dom Kultury (regional cultural center) in Rzeszow city. 

A video promoting location in Podkarpackie region: