Poznan Film Commission

Masztalarska 8
61-767 Poznań

tel.: +48 61 852 88 33 ext. 48
email: info@poznanfilmcommission.pl
         www: poznanfilmcommission.pl

Michał Ferlak

mobile: +48 691 637 752
email: m.ferlak@poznanfilmcommission.pl

About Film Commission

The Poznan Film Commission is a film office of the City of Poznań operating within the structures of “Estrada Poznańska” [the Poznań Stage] - a Poznań institution of culture. It is focused on promoting film potential of Poznań among film producers and directors of feature, documentary, and advertisement film projects as well as television programs and other audiovisual initiatives.

The main task of the Poznan Film Commission is to facilitate the organization of film production for filmmakers in Poznań. The office not only informs about available resources of the city, but it also provides information on formal requirements set by the city services. It enables and assists in quick and efficient dealing with formalities as well as obtaining permits required to establish a movie set on the territory of the Poznań Metropolis.

Additionally, the Poznan Film Commission is in the possession of an extremely rich base of film locations in the area of the city including historical buildings, modern offices as well as picturesque greeneries and climatic districts with tenement houses, villas or even apartment blocks. Thanks to comprehensive description and a full technical specification of each location, it is possible to find quickly a required movie set in Poznań. Furthermore, the Commission will assist film producers in dealing with formalities and contacts with units issuing permits as well as with the administrator of a given facility or area.

One of the main tools of the Poznan Film Commission is a vast base of film industry companies operating in the Poznań region and the in the city itself. The base enables access to the most competent experts and professional film equipment, which in turn means assistance in the creation of a team.

Additionally, the Poznan Film Commission supports filmmakers by providing them with information on subsidies for film projects offered by the Regional Film Fund of Poznań, whose operator the Commission is.

Poznan Film Commission was established in 2012.

A video promoting film locations in Poznan:


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