Silesia Film Commission

Górnicza 5
40-008 Katowice

tel.: +48 32 206 88 61-63 ext. 103, 203

Patrycja Młynarczyk

mobile: +48 698 353 147

About Film Commission

Silesia Film Commission, responsible for supporting film producers, is a unit of the SILESIA FILM Film Institution managing the Silesian Film Fund. Silesia Film Commission is able to curb the organisation of everything that is essential to produce a film. It provides film producers with location, production and administration resources of the whole Silesian voivodeship. It gives all the required information and guides through procedures.

Silesia Film Commission measures its successes with the achievements of the co-produced films: Jesteś Bogiem (You Are God) by Leszek Dawid attracted 1.5 million viewers, Chce się żyć (Life Feels Good) by Maciej Pieprzyca was awarded with Grand Prix at the Montreal World Film Festival and with the Silver Lions Award at the Gdynia Film Festival (the film also won all the Audience Awards at both festivals), and The Congress by Ari Folman was honored with the European Film Award and recognized as the best animated feature film of 2013.

Silesia Film Commission is fully responsible for the professional part of the International Festival of Film Producers REGIOFUN. In the year 2013, there were 550 participants, including 23 lecturers and 16 representatives of European local film funds. Silesia Film Commission supports 48 Hour Film Project regarding logistics and locations to allow the participants to focus solely on working on the film. Through its cooperation with the Filmmaker's Day, Silesia Film Commission contributes to the event that integrates the film industry environment of the Silesian voivodeship.

Working within the Cine-Regio network allows Silesia Film Commission to expand European contacts and to influence the regional dimension of the international co-productions.

A video promoting Silesian locations:


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