Wroclaw Film Commission

Piłsudskiego 64A
50-020 Wrocław

tel.: +48 71 793 79 72
email: rbubnicki@wroclawfilmcommission.pl
         www: wroclawfilmcommission.pl

Rafał Bubnicki

mobile: + 48 601 384 194
email: rbubnicki@wroclawfilmcommission.pl

About Film Commission

Wroclaw Film Commission, which operates within the Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe structure, came into being as a result of co-operation between two local governments: the regional government of Lower Silesia and the municipal government of the city of Wroclaw. It operates on the entire territory of the Lower Silesia Voivodeship.

The Commission’s aim is to raise interest in Lower Silesia as an attractive filmmaking destination. The Commission can assist filmmakers in contacting the local governments, proprietors of buildings and facilities as well as the local government departments managing public infrastructure.

Since the 1950’s, Lower Silesia has been an important centre of film production in Poland and many experienced professionals of the film industry still live and work here. The Wroclaw Film Commission possesses a database of such specialists, which can be made available to producers and directors making films in Lower Silesia. The Commission can also provide support in finding unique locations in the region.

Wroclaw Film Commission offers:

  • Access to its own, continually updated database of unique film locations
  • Assistance in finding film shoot locations
  • Information about the local film industry
  • Contact with specialists
  • Support in obtaining various permissions and authorisations
  • Assistance in contacting building owners
  • Financial assistance in accordance with the Rules of The Lower Silesian Film Competition (the Regional Film Fund).

A video promoting locations at Lower Silesia:


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