"Adventures of a Mathematician" filming begins

10 September 2018

In Berlin, the preparation for the shooting of "Adventures of a Mathematician", a biographical story of outstanding Polish mathematician Stanisław Ulam, is underway. The shooting will take place in Germany, Poland and the USA.

The crew working on the film directed by Thorsten Klein ("Lost Place") includes Romanian cinematographer Tudor Vladimir Panduru ("Graduation", "My Happy Family"), Polish costume designer Justyna Stolarz ("Gareth Jones") and Canadian composer Lesley Barber ("Manchester by the Sea").

The cast is equally international. The protagonist is portrayed by Philippe Tłokiński ("Walpurgi’s Night", "Kurier", "Belfer 2"), a Polish film and stage actor, who also played in Swiss and French theatres. Tłokiński stood in for Jakub Gierszał, who had to resign from the production due to a scheduling conflict. On the screen we will also see Fabian Kocięcki as Johnny von Neuman - Stan’s friend, Mateusz Więcławek as Adam - scientist’s younger brother, Esther Garrell ("Call Me by Your Name") as Ulam’s sweetheart, as well as Sam Keeley ("This Must Be the Place") and Joel Basman ("Land of Mine"). Ewa Hornich and Małgorzata Lipmann are responsible for the Polish casting.

‘I strongly believe in the power of European co-productions, where each partner brings in the best of their country’s cinematography,’ says producer Joanna Szymańska from Shipsboy. ‘I am glad that we were able to gather a cast and a crew that are so promising and that perfectly reflect the international character of our story.’

Stanisław Ulam was a Polish mathematician belonging to the famous Lwów School of Mathematics and a student of Stefan Banach. After defending his doctoral thesis in 1934, he began his academic career at the most prominent European universities among others in Cambridge and in Paris. On the eve of World War II, he received an American visa and almost at the last moment left Lviv, taking along his younger brother Adam. In the USA he joined a group of scientists working in the famous laboratory in Los Alamos, where together with Edward Teller he conducted research resulting in developing the hydrogen bomb.

The shooting of the film begins this week in Berlin, and in October the crew will move to Łódź. The filming will wrap up in New Mexico. The script of "Adventures of a Mathematician" is based on Ulam’s autobiography published under the same title. The film is co-produced by Germany (Dragonfly Films), the United Kingdom (Mirror Productions) and Poland (Shipsboy). The development and production of the project is supported by the Polish Film Institute and Polish Television. The world sales agent is Indie Sales.


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