"High Life" Filming Completed

21 November 2017

The filming of the new Claire Denis picture, partially produced in Poland, has been completed. The French-German-British-Polish co-production was shot in the Białystok region.

"High Life" is not only the first English-language production for the director of such important pictures as "Chocolat" and "Beau Travail", but also her first science-fiction drama. The protagonists are portrayed by: Robert Pattinson ("Cosmopolis"), Oscar winner Juliette Binoche ("Clouds of Sils Maria"), Mia Goth ("Nymphomaniac," "Everest"); in the supporting roles we will see among others Agata Buzek (“The Innocents”). 

“High Life” is a co-production realized by France (Alcatraz Films, awarded with the Palme d’Or for "Blue Is the Warmest Colour," directed by Abdellatif Kechiche), Germany (Pandora Film, among others "Only Lovers Left Alive" by Jim Jarmush), the UK (Apocalypse Films, among others "Miss Julie" directed by Liv Ullmann) and Poland (Madants, among others "Under the Tree" by Haffstein Sigurdsson, which premiered in September at the film festival in Venice).

The main investor is Andrew Lauren Productions from New York. The project also received financial support from the Polish Film Institute.

The Polish part of the filming took part in the Białystok region; cameraman Tomasz Naumiuk ("Amok") and production designer Mela Melak ("Planet Single") worked on the production. The make-up artist supervising the whole shoot was Marcin Rodak ("True Crimes"). The co-producers from Madants are Klaudia Śmieja and Beata Rzeźniczek. Film Commission Poland has been involved in the project since the beginning.

Director Claire Denis says, ‘The film talks about a crew comprised of prisoners who got an opportunity to set off on a space travel, knowing they will never return. They decide to go because for them the expedition is better than the slow death in prison. We meet them when they have already been travelling for five years and have learnt that the journey is an alternative type of prison - another kind of loneliness. As the journey progresses, father (Pattinson) and daughter become ever more lonely. In my films I keep returning to this theme in various ways, just as to the theme of home. What is home? The protagonists of “High Life” leave Earth knowing they can never return home…’