"My Name is Sara" in Podlasie

26 January 2018

The shooting of "My Name is Sara" has just been completed after 45 filming days in Podlasie, in the north-eastern Poland. The post-production of this American picture set during the Second World War will also take place in Poland.

Based on facts, "My Name Is Sara" tells a story of Sara Guralnick, a 13-years-old Jewish girl whose entire family is killed by Nazis. After a gruelling escape, the girl finds refuge in a small village, where she is taken in by a Ukrainian couple. There she gets entangled in their marital conflict, and subsequent secrets pile on top of the secret of her own identity. The protagonist is portrayed by Zuzanna Surowy, and the Ukrainian couple – Paweł and Nadia – by Eryk Lubos ("The Art of Loving", "The Forest") and Michalina Olszańska ("The Lure," "Olga Hepnarova").

The script was written by David Himmelstein ("Bad Company"), and the film was directed by Steven Oritt, who also produced the picture together with Justyna Pawlak from Watchout Studio ("Gods," "The Art of Loving"). 

All of the filming – 45 days from August 2017 to January 2018 – took place in the Podlasie region among others in Tykocin, Czerlonka, Puchły and Białystok. The main site, the farm of Paweł and Nadia, where Sara moves in, was constructed in Ryboły. Marek Zawierucha ("Face," "Hatred") was responsible for the set design. The cinematographer was Marian Prokop ("Warsaw 44", the "Letters to Santa" series). The production crew consisted of about 200 people.

The entire post-production takes place in Poland, the music is composed by Łukasz Targosz ("The Border", "Planet Single"), and the editor is Agnieszka Glińska ("Panic Attack", "Communion", "11 Minutes"). The premiere date is yet to be announced.

SARA - Zuzanna Surowy
PAVLO - Eryk Lubos
NADYA - Michalina Olszańska
STEPAN - Artur Sokólski
DANYLO - Marcin Sokólski
IVAN - Paweł Królikowski
GRISHA - Piotr Nerlewski
OLEKSA - Wiesław Komasa
GALYA - Iwona Bielska
FEDIR - Lech Dyblik

Director - Steven Oritt
Producers - Steven Oritt & Justyna Pawlak
Executive Producers - Andrew Intrater, Mickey Shapiro
Producer in Poland - WATCHOUT STUDIO sp. z o.o.
Screenplay - David Himmelstein
Cinematography - Marian Prokop
Casting - Nadia Lebik
Art Direction - Marek Zawierucha
Costumes - Emilia Czartoryska
Make up - Janusz Kaleja
Sound - Monika Krzanowska
Editing - Agnieszka Glińska
Music - Łukasz Targosz