4 April 2019

Warsaw and Mazovia region became a film set for American production starred with Patrick Schwarzenegger, Tomasz Kot and Rupert Everett. Story is based on an original screenplay by Agata Alexander, Rob Michaelson and Jason Kaye.

The story takes place in the future and tells about the end of Earth’s existence. Patrick Schwarzenegger ("Midnight Sun"), Rupert Everett ("The Happy Prince"), Kylie Bunbury ("Pitch"), Thomas Jane ("Deep Blue Sea") and Garance Marillier ("Raw") are starring. They will be accompanied by Polish actors: Tomasz Kot ("Cold War"), Iza Kuna ("Maria Curie") and Olga Bołądź ("The Man with the Magic Box"). For Agata Alexander it will be the debut in the role of the director of a feature film. The crew will shoot in Poland for 25 days. 

Key departments are led by talented and experienced Polish filmmakers: cinematographer Jakub Kijowski ("1983", "The Fugue"), art director Jagna Dobesz ("Ida", "High Life") and costume designer Katarzyna Lewińska ("Spoor", "The Lure").

Responsible for production are Cybill Lui ("After The Dark") from Anova Pictures and Stanislaw Dziedzic from Film Produkcja ("Mr. Jones") in association with Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska (“High Life”) from Polish side.

Speaking with DEADLINE producer Cybill Lui admitted, “I’m beyond excited that we pulled together this incredible ensemble cast for this film. The wealth of talent on show in this film is a testament to the high-concept, thought-provoking material, led by an interesting female filmmaker. We are thrilled to be shooting in Poland with its rich filmmaking history and the wonderful crew. I can’t wait for everyone to see this film.”

"Agata has Polish roots, hence the idea to consider Poland as the location of her first feature film. Agata's vision of the future of the world found its place in the locations we presented to her and the American producer, Cybill Lui. Earlier producers considered Romania, but thanks to our filmmakers - operator Kuba Kijowski, set designer Jagna Dobesz and makeup artist Janusz Kaleja and recently introduced incentives, the project finally came to Poland" - says producer Stanisław Dziedzic.

"Warning" is the newest common project of Stanisław Dziedzic and Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska, who previously worked together for “Mr. Jones” by Agnieszka Holland, “Pity” by Babis Markidis and “Radiogram” by Rouzie Hassanova.

"I am very happy that together with Klaudia, we are making the second film in English with an international cast, 100% with Polish artists and with the participation of Polish actors and post-production. We prove that we can undertake foreign challenges without inhibition. May there be more of them" - concludes Dziedzic.


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