Filming of "Werewolf" began

24 July 2017

The shooting of "Werewolf," a Polish-Dutch-German co-production directed by Adrian Panek, started in July. The picture will be filmed among others in the Stołowe Mountains National Park, in the palace in Bulowice and in the Military Technical Museum Riesei-Molke.

The film takes place in the summer of 1945. A makeshift orphanage for eight children freed from the Gross-Rosen concentration camp is created in an abandoned palace in the middle of woods. 20-year-old Hanka, also a former prisoner, becomes the children’s carer. After the ordeal of the camp, the protagonists slowly regain the remains of their lost childhood; however, the horrors soon return: the camp German shepherds roam the surrounding forests. Released by the SS men before the liberation of the camp, starving and grown wild, the animals surround the palace in search of food. Their attack triggers camp instincts in the terrified children. 'It is a story about contamination with evil. About people, who were reduced to animals and are trying to regain their humanity,' says Adrian Panek, who also authored the film script.

"Werewolf" is the second picture from the creator of "Daas," his 2011 debut which received multiple awards. Starring in the film are among others Danuta Stenka ("Katyn"), Sonia Mietielica ("Miracle Seller"), Nicolas Przygoda ("Playground") and German actor Werner Daehn, known from "Valkyrie" directed by Bryan Singer and "The Lives of Others" by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

The film producers are Agata Szymańska and Magdalena Kamińska from Balapolis. Their earlier productions include "Baby Bump" directed by Kuba Czekaj, awarded with Queer Lion Special Mention at Venice Film Festival and the Polish Audiovisual Chamber of Commerce Award at Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema in Kraków. "Werewolf" is co-produced with Rosco Polska, Dutch House of Netherhorror, German Twenty Twenty Vision, standing behind the success of such films as "Elle" by Paul Verhoeven, "Slack Bay" by Bruno Dumont and "Soy Nero" by Rafi Pitts.

The project received financial support from among others the Polish Film Institute and the Netherlands Film Fund. The shooting is expected to wrap up in November 2017; the film will be screened in cinemas in 2018.