German-Polish co-production filmed in Łódź

18 August 2017

In Łódź, filming of a German-Polish co-production "Whatever Happens Next," directed by Julian Pörksen, has ended. Stefan Gieren from Story Bay is the producer and Agnieszka Dziedzic from Koi Studio is the Polish co-producer.

The film tells a story of Paul whom one day decides to abandon his orderly life and goes on a wander around the world. "Whatever Happens Next" is a road movie about a scapegrace and his self-chosen odyssey to explore freedom, self-determination and responsibility and to prove the joy of living unintentionally. It's a journey through our society populated by melancholic, affectionate, dubious, crazy and beautiful characters.

German actor Sebastian Rudolph ("Der Hauptmann," "Stalingrad," "English Patient") plays the protagonist and is accompanied on the screen by Polish cast: Andrzej Mastalerz, Mariusz Jakus, Piotr Żurawski, Jędrzej Taranek, Daria Polasik, Izabela Noszczyk and Kacper Olszewski.

The participation of Polish crew is also considerable: Marcin Buśko is the art director, Weronika Wojtach is a costume designer, Emilia Śniegoska is an assistant director, Emil Prokop is the gaffer, Kuba Antonowicz is responsible for the lightening and Paulina Bocheńska for the sound. Ola Cyganek, Agata Wiśniewska and Karolina Barciszewska are the production managers.

The shooting took place in Łódź: in the hospital at Niciarniana Street, in the student dormitory at Lumumby Street, at the Boutique Hotel’s roof, in the Off Piotrkowska Centre and on the Piotrkowska, Sienkiewicza and Kilińskiego streets and in the adjacent backyards. Łódź Film Commission has supported the production in terms of location scouting and obtaining the permits.

The film is a feature debut by Julian Pörksen, and the Polish-German Film Fund co-financed its development and production. Polish co-producer of the film is Koi Studio ("Little Crushes," "Double Trouble"). The premiere of "Whatever Happens Next" is scheduled for the first half of 2018.