Pakistani Action Film with Warsaw Old Town in Background

20 July 2018

Pakistani gangster comedy "Teefa in Trouble" premieres on the 20th of July. The film, whose action takes place mostly in Poland, was shot last year in Warsaw.

"Teefa in Trouble" is a gangster comedy about Anya, a young girl living in Poland who is getting ready for marriage arranged by her father. Raised in Europe, the bride doesn’t want to follow the traditions of her home country and runs away from the altar. Enraged, the would-be father-in-law employs Teefa, who comes to Warsaw from Lahore in Pakistan to find the girl. Little does he know that Anya will be more than willing to be taken … on a journey of her life. The female protagonist is played by Pakistani actress and model Maya Ali, while Teefa is portrayed by famous Pakistani musician, model and actor Ali Zafar. Javed Sheikh, the legend of Pakistani film, plays Anya’s stern father. In supporting roles we will see Polish actors among others Roch Siemianowski and Piotr Szrajber.

The film directed by Ahsan Rahim was produced by Pakistani studio Lightingale Productions, owned by Ali Zafar and his wife Ayesha Fazli. Zafar also coauthored the script and wrote the music. The picture was produced in cooperation with Polish Studio AGART, a production house specializing in making and servicing feature and documentary films, and commercial and music videos, among them Polish-French-Belgian coproduction "Robert Mitchum Is Dead" (2010).

The film was shot mostly in Warsaw at the end of June and the beginning of July 2017 among others in the Old Town, in the Grand Theatre, and also in the old FSO factory in Żerań. Other locations in Mazovia included the Warsaw Modlin Airport, Dzierżenin, Jachranka, and the vicinity of Nowy Dwór and the Zegrze Reservoir. The filming in Poland took 28 days, and the majority of the crew (ab. 70 filmmakers) was Polish. They were joined by 15 people from Pakistan, including the cast. Poles were also managing several departments: Ewa Mroczkowska - the set design, Dawid Szurmiej - the stunt scenes, and Zbigniew Modej ("Jack Strong", "Pitbull. Ostatni pies") - the coordination of the stunt actors. Michał Piróg, Polish dancer, choreographer and TV presenter, was responsible for the choreography of the dance scenes.

‘Due to the popularity of Bollywood and Lollywood, "Teefa in Trouble" could promote Warsaw and Poland on an unprecedented scale. The action takes place in the city, presenting its most charming nooks and crannies. It turns out that Poland can be an interesting and even exotic place for foreigners,’ says Dawid Szurmiej from Studio AGART, producer responsible for the selection of the Polish cast and crew, and for the realisation of the pursuit and stunt scenes. ‘We hope that this picture will positively influence Polish image abroad. It is also an opportunity to show the capital to the Polish audience from a different perspective, with an oriental note,’ adds Szurmiej.

The world premiere takes place on the 20th of July. The film will be presented in 32 countries. Poles will see it on the 27th and 28th in Kino Luna and in September in selected art house cinemas and in Cinema City theatres. The distributor is Bollywood Europa under licence from Yash Raj Films.


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