Shooting "Ultraviolet" in Łódź

3 July 2017

The shooting of "Ultraviolet" a new scripted crime series from Sony Pictures Television Networks’ AXN Central Europe is in progress. Opus Film is responsible for the production.

"Ultraviolet" is a new original series produced locally in Łódź, Poland by Opus Film (Oscar®-winner "Ida," "Courage," "The Crime") and starring Marta Nieradkiewicz ("United States of Love," "Kamper," "Floating Skyscrapers"), Agata Kulesza ("Rose," "Ida," "These Daughters of Mine"), and Bartłomiej Topa ("Karbala," "The Border"). The 10-episode scripted crime series will debut this fall.

Executive produced by Wendy West ("Dexter", "Inhuman") and Barry Josephson ("Bones", "Enchanted", "Wild Wild West"), "Ultraviolet" will be directed by Jan Komasa ("Warsaw 44", "Suicide Room") and Sławomir Fabicki ("Loving", "The Crime 2").

The series is inspired by the book "The Skeleton Crew" written by Deborah Halber and infused with the personal story of Wendy West. The series follows the life of a thirty-year-old woman (Ola Serafin) who is forced by circumstances to leave her husband and London, and return to her hometown of Łódź. While driving her car one night, she witnesses a dramatic situation which looks like suicide, but which she finds highly suspicious. The police seem to be indifferent to the case. Desperate, Ola looks for help on the Internet, where she finds a group of amateur detectives that solve criminal cases the police are unable to.

“Following our success with "The Crime", we are thrilled to work with Opus Film on a new AXN exclusive series. "Ultraviolet" will be a high-quality locally-produced show that brings together a talented cast of Polish actors with the expertise of top US storytellers,” said John Rossiter, General Manager for SPT Networks Central Europe.

The scriptwriters of "Ultraviolet" are Igor Brejdygant ("The Crime", "Belle Epoque"), Agnieszka Pilaszewska ("Samo życie", "Przepis na życie"), Błażej Dzikowski (four parts of "Polish Legends" series), Filip Kasperaszek ("A Story About Ian", "Nantucket Sun"), and Paulina Murawska ("Komisarz Alex", "Być jak Kazimierz Deyna").