The shooting of Polish-Bulgarian co-production has begun

28 July 2015

The filming of Polish-Bulgarian co-production titled "Radiogram" has begun in July. The post-production will take place in Poland.

Directed and scripted by Rouzie Hassanova, the film is the most recent project of Filmokrajca, a company which produced “Chemo” (dir. by Bartek Prokopowicz).

Based on facts, "Radiogram" is a film about how far father will go for his son trying to stay independent in a world full of political oppression. One of the main motives of the picture is rock’n’roll, prohibited in the Eastern Bloc countries, which for inhabitants became an expression of rebellion and demonstration against the authorities. "Radiogram" is a film created in honour of the power of spirit, family, friendship and music – at the heart of which lies freedom.

The Bulgarian producer of the film is Menclips Ltd.; the camerawoman is Rouzie Hassanova – for the first time in a full-feature film. The protagonists are portrayed by Alexander Hadjiangelov, Alexander Alexsiev and Yana Titova.

Maciej Dobrowolski, a Polish composer, will try to combine rock’n’roll with the music of Pomaks – Muslim Slavs living in the Balkans. Meanwhile, Grzegorz Kucharski responsible for sound production is already working on the set. He is accompanied by a Polish technical crew and Polish equipment. The filming takes place in Bulgaria, and the post-production will take place in Poland – realized by Mastershot Digital Cinema, Toya Studios and Soundmaking.

The première is planned for spring 2016.


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