55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie, ul. Dwa Światy 1
tel. +48 71 776 47 00, fax +48 71 776 47 01,

03-994 Warsaw, ul. Wał Miedzeszyński 384
tel. +48 22 295 61 10, fax +48 22 295 61 41,

55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie, ul. Błękitna 3
tel. +48 71 785 53 00, fax +48 71 785 53 01
03-994 Warsaw, ul. Wał Miedzeszyński 384
tel. +48 22 507 97 82, +48 507 97 83,

The ATM Group is Poland’s largest television producer. The Group comprises companies specialising in television, film, online video and computer game production, as well as in service provision for the television and film market.

ATM Studio is a cutting-edge television and film production centre, offering seven TV and film studios for hire, as well as a large-scale event venue of 1 500 m2 / 16 145.87 ft2. The studios are equipped with dressing rooms, a make-up room, costume, scenery and equipment stores and post-production facilities. The centre is also home to numerous companies providing on-set, catering, lighting, sound, shooting technology, set construction, post-production image and sound and special effects services, to name but a few. ATM Studio also has its own optical fibre network, making the transmission of television signals from the sound stages to any television station in Poland and the rapid transfer of material to partners around the world possible.

ATM System’s core business is equipment and sound-stage hire.



00-724 Warsaw, ul. Chełmska 21
tel. +48 22 841 26 83, fax +48 22 841 58 91,

Film Production Department
tel./fax +48 22 840 50 67

tel. +48 22 841 11 71, fax +48 22 559 32 61

The Documentary and Feature Film Production Company is a modern technological centre which provides full production services ranging from conventional methods, via the use of Digital Intermediate, to Red One technology. It creates Digital Camera masters for screening in digital cinemas, while the sound studio is equipped for every Dolby format. The company uses its own financial resources to fund the production of its features and documentaries.

WFDiF consists of more than thirty buildings. They include professional sound stages, sound recording and processing studios, state-of-the-art shooting equipment, a world-class film stock processing laboratory, a fully-equipped set construction department and numerous other facilities which are used by a substantial segment of the television stations and film producers operating on the Polish market. The studio complex is also home to a number of film companies and institutions who employ international standard image and sound recording and processing experts.

Quite recently, WFDiF also became a state cultural institution charged with film-related education and promulgating film culture. The studio thus runs its own educational initiatives, the Screenplays Studio and On Set, as well as a programme for the digital remastering of its collection of Polish documentary films.


32–566 Alwernia near Krakow 
Nieporaz, ul. Ferdynanda Wspaniałego 1
tel. +48 12 344 40 00, +48 723 999 303,

Alvernia Studios is the largest and most modern film studio in Poland. It combines comprehensive film services with investment in both in-house productions and co-productions. The studio produces features intended for international distribution, music projects and adverts, as well as participating in the production of video games.

Alvernia’s one-stop filmmaking offer encompasses sound stages, complete with shadowless, spherical bluescreen, music scoring studios, a fleet of mobile units housed in swap bodies, a full spectrum of shooting equipment and motion capture services based on state-of-the-art Vicon cameras. The studio also offers a complete post-production service, ranging from a negative laboratory with telecine transfer, via scanning, colour correction and special effects, to full post-production sound, including final mix and Dolby printmaster. The services are provided by an experienced, international team of professionals supported by cutting-edge technology which makes the production of even the most intricate and elaborate projects possible.

Alvernia Studios holds Dolby Premier Studio Certification and Truelight Theatre Certification and is also a member of the Kodak Imagecare Program. The Hollywood Reporter ranked Alvernia as one of the most promising new studios, comparing it favourably with two famous European titans, Pinewood and Babelsberg.


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