Eurimages Fund

Eurimages is a fund supporting European cinema. It is run by the Council of Europe and it primarily subsidises co-production activities, earmarking almost 95% of its funds for that purpose. The Fund’s annual budget is EUR 25 mln.

Eurimages provides financial support for the production of full-length features and animations and for documentaries with a running time of more than seventy minutes. The main condition attached to applying for funding is that at least two producers, from at least two of the countries belonging to the Fund, are participating in the project. The Regulations of the Fund also stipulate the limits for the co-producers’ share in the project:

Co-producers from countries which are not members of Eurimages may participate in a project, provided that their combined share in the co-production does not exceed 30% of the film’s budget.

Apart from their financial involvement, the co-producers’ collaboration must also display artistic and/or technical cooperation. The criteria born in mind when assessing the projects are the nationality and/or residence of the heads of departments, in other words, the director, screenwriter, composer, director of photography, sound engineer, editor, art director and costumes, as well as of the actors playing the main roles. The location of the sound stages and shooting locations and the companies providing film-related services, including post-production services’ is also taken into account. Artistic criteria include the quality of the script in terms of story and theme, originality of content and subject matter, characters and dialogue, narrative structure, director’s intention, cinematic vision and choice of genre; and the contribution of the creative team, including their experience and track record. The production criteria include the film's festival and box-office potential. The financial requirements are also crucial; a co-producer applying for funding should provide formal confirmation, in the form of agreements, letters of intent and bank statements, that the financing for at least 50% of the project’s budget has been arranged. This half of the budget includes the co-producer’s in-kind contribution, which should not, however, exceed 15% of the film’s costs.

Eurimages provides support in the form of a conditionally repayable, interest-free loan. It may not exceed 17% of the total production cost of the film and the sum of EUR 500 000. The Fund accepts applications in English or French, completed in accordance with the instructions set out in the application form, which is available at Applications must also include all the requisite attachments. Four calls for projects are issued per year and the Eurimages Board of Management meets to evaluate the submissions on each occasion. However, co-producers are instructed to contact their National Representatives on the Board at the earliest opportunity and prior to the Board’s meeting.

Eurimages Fund National Representatives in Poland:

Irena Strzałkowska
TOR Film Production
Studio Filmowe TOR

02-595 Warsaw, ul. Puławska 61
tel./fax +48 22 845 53 03

Robert Baliński
Polish Film Institute
Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej

00-412 Warsaw, ul. Leona Kruczkowskiego 2
tel. +48 22 102 64 12


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