Arboretum Wojslawice

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Wojsławice 2
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About location

Arboretum in Wojsławice – a dendrological garden in Wojsławice (Niemcza County) in the Lower Silesia region. Since 1988, it has been a branch of the University of Wrocław Botanical Garden. Famous for its vast collection of rhododendrons and azalea, daylilies, boxes as well as tress and bushes which are not frost­resistant in other parts of Poland. Wojsławice is located 50 km south from Wrocław and 2 km east from Germany, in the protected landscape of Strzelińsko­Niemczańskie Hills. On the bottom of the deepest ravine, 150­200 metres above sea level, Ślęża River flows from the South to the North, fed by many streams. The Arboretum in Wojsławice is located upon one of the right­bank tributaries, in a picturesque valley on the north slopes of Dębowe Hills, on the level of 213­320 metres above sea level. Its collection covers 4650 species of arborescent plants and 4885 species and varieties of perennial plants. On the premises of Arboretum there are: a historic manor farm (1884) with a renovated smithy (2005), a greenhouse from before 1880 renovated in 1999, a two­storey gardener's house (around 1990), the grave of the Arboretum founder, Fritz von Oheimb made of red granite (1928), numerous columns made of red Permian sandstone from the 19th century gathered from farm buildings in the nearby villages. The Arboretum is open to visitors from May to September. In May, the rhododendrons and azalea bloom; it is their biggest collection in Poland.