Granary Island in Gdansk

buildings city / town bridge wharf / quay / waterfront industrial ruins street island
16th century
city centre
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About location

Spichrzów is an island located in Gdańsk, on the Motława River. It is located within Śródmieście district. From the east, the island is connected to Długie Ogrody with Stągiewny Bridge, from the south – with Stare Przedmieście, and from the west, through Krowi Bridge and Zielony Bridge with the Main Town. The so-called Trasa W-Z – a fast-traffic trunk road – cuts through the middle of the island. In the north, Spichrzów neighbours with Ołowianka Island. In 1945 the island was almost completely destroyed – only Stągwie Mleczne (Brama Stągiewna), constructed from 1517 to 1519 have been preserved. Until the present day only over a dozen buildings have been reconstructed. The northern part of the island is covered by ruins.