Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission


About company/Bio

Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission is a regional, free of charge service to support national and foreign film crews that are interested in shooting in Warsaw and the whole area of Mazovia. MWFC is in charge of creating optimal conditions for film crews that choose to work in the region.

MWFC's main task is to assist film crews in the production process, especially in:
- finding film locations in Warsaw and the Mazovia region;
- providing access to a big and up-to-date database which offers several hundreds of attractive shooting locations in Warsaw and Mazovia;
- providing information about experts in film and TV production, companies experienced in this industry, and also about bodies and institutions that support the audiovisual sector in the region;
- providing information about resources available in Warsaw and Mazovia;
- obtaining all the required permissions and licenses.


Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission
Elektoralna 12
00-139 Warsaw Poland

tel.: +48 22 586 42 58


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