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The Region

The Swietokrzyskie Region is a place, where history and the present day are combined. Only here one can go on a fantastic trip in time, watching fights of barbarians and Romans during the Iron Roots picnic in Nowa Slupia, and then move to the modern Satellite Service Centre in Psary. In the Swietokrzyskie Region, you will find bicycle routes, hiking trails and sporting places. Enthusiasts of horse riding can make use of the offers of stables in Michalow, Borkow and Kurozweki. In the northern and eastern parts of voivodeship, one can practise water sports. Pinczow and Maslow offer attractions for aviators and hang – gliders.


The geographical location of Kielce – the largest city of Swietokrzyskie Region, makes it one of the best landscape located cities in Poland. Picteresque views, unique karsic effect, mountain chains, Fir Forest, cultural and technical monuments are the most important tourustic values of the city and region. In Kielce there are five nature reservations – four of rocky – geological type: Kadzielnia, Slichowice, Bialogon and Wietrznia and one forest type: Karczowka.


The Swietokrzyski National Park was established in 1950 and it encompasses: the highest range of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains- Łysogory with the summits of Lysica (612 m above sea level), Agata (608 m above sea level) and  Lysa Gora (595 m above sea level), the eastern part of Klonowskie Range and a part of Pokrzywianskie Range (together with Chelmowa Gora). Mainly fir and beech forests occupy the most of the park area. The most treaured historical building of the Swietokrzyski National Park is the post- Benedictine monastic complex situated on Swiety Krzyz Mountain, which dates back to the first half of the 12th century.


Cities and Sites

Kielce – capital of Swietokrzyskie region with population about 215 thousand and 900-year-old history, is the touristic center for: oldest mountains in Europe – Swietokrzyskie Mountains, National Park of Swietokrzyskie and Industrial District of Staropolska. The city of Kielce has a well developed communication , railway and road system, and a nearby airport in Maslow. Efficient and well developed communication allows to quickly contact with the whole world – the key role in this process has the only one in Poland Satelite Service Center in Psary.


Occupying a few hills and a high escarpment from which enfolds a splendid view over the Vistula valley, Sandomierz has more than 120 monuments of architecture. Most of them date back to the Middle Ages and that’s why Sandomierz is considered a real gem of the Swietokrzyski region.


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